BYOD Solutions in Baltimore

The Power of Collaboration, Innovation & Being More Productive while on the Go

businessmen-at-lunch-741696-mStudies have recently suggested that almost 80% of all professionals will use at least two mobile devices for accessing company data and systems in 2017. If your company is similar to others, you are most likely struggling to find ways to balance your employees’ demands for using their own mobile devices while still keeping complete control over your corporate data in an effective way.

BroadConnect offers mobile VoIP apps which are able to integrate your corporate VoIP services with any smartphone, laptop or mobile device. We offer secure BYOD solutions which will not only regulate IP telephony through the company but which will also offer your employees unified mobile communications services which they will need in order to work efficiently.

Business Benefits in Baltimore

Integrating a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ solution into your workplace greatly reduces the challenges and expenses that come with mobile device management.  Other additional benefits are:

  • Combining a business-related voice usage into one plan and invoice
  • Enhancing the business continuity plans by having communications managed in the Cloud, rather than using equipment based on the premises
  • Superior  user experiences with business-wide Unified Communications
  • Enhancing employee morale and productivity by allowing them to use their own device

Employee Benefits

Letting your employees use their own devices to access the corporate VoIP system, does not just mean they can take their office with them wherever they go, but they also benefit from following:

  • Find Me – Follow Me applications
  • Unique Presence, IM and video services
  • Free on-net, local and inbound calling
  • Long distance calls are included in the company plan and have no effect on their personal cell minutes or billing structure

Maximize Your Mobile Benefits with BYOD solutions in Baltimore.