IP-PBX Solutions in Baltimore

PBX systemThe term PBX is used as an acronym to represent Private Branch Exchange. At least a few dozen, if not thousands, of individual phones are compatible with the PBX systems. With IP-PBX systems, once an employee or contractor has a connected phone, he/she has instant access.

PBX Systems

Before now, the earliest forms of the PBX available used switchboard operation. With the aid of a small phone box, an operator is able to direct an incoming call to the correct line. However, recent development has given rise to much better automated systems. Today’s standard of PBX systems is a virtual PBX which is fully electronic, even though few models still use key systems. The main reason why PBX is preferred to the normal telecommunications is because of its numerous features.

Using the latest virtual PBX systems saves you the cost of using privately owned PBX phone systems and also give you full access to all available PBX service features. When you use the local Baltimore phone company, you are given access to features such as conference calling, automated incoming call greetings as well as faxing. In addition to these features, a PBX hosted IP will grant you access to technical support so that you can handle troubleshooting without having your business crippled for a while as commonly encountered with local telecommunication companies. Hosting an IP-PBX lets you connect a call from many lines using a single line. Multiple servers are used in routing a cloud PBX.


Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) compatibility is an additional feature that makes it possible for you to have an unlimited number of employees telecommuting. You will realize reasonable savings on calls made to international and long-distance lines, and still enjoy other amazing features. VOIP is continually gaining popularity as it is used in adding telecommunications based positions. With the use of a headset or any other equipment that is compatible with single server or cloud PBX, the voice of a user becomes translated into binary code. This code is what is then sent through the line that is hosting the IP PBX and when it gets to the other end, the code is re-translated back to sound waves in the other user’s handset. This technology is made possible in the virtual PBX and will continue to experience improvement as time goes on.

Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX systems are known to make many features available to users. However, they have two specific downsides. Once your telecommunication service provider does not make a certain feature available, you don’t have the ability to add it. Only lines can be added, not services. Also, once the internet connectivity is compromised, your business loses the ability to make use of telephone service. This is common with all cloud PBX systems. This is the reason why some people still stick around the traditional PBX phone systems.

SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is the newest cloud PBX option available to Baltimore businesses who have left the traditional PBX system. SIP is a standard hosted IP PBX but an updated one. The advantages this one has over the other cloud PBX systems lies in the fact that it allows you to use WiFi ready gadgets such as PDAs and laptops in communicating with other SIP-compatible PBX phone systems. Some providers of virtual PBX have a list of approved and unapproved equipment, and they place restrictions based on this to control what device is used over their network.