SIP Trunking Services in Baltimore Maryland

Citel’s SIP Trunking Solutions are built on a foundation of seasoned industry expertise and technological innovation. Our knowledgeable sales staff and qualified technicians will assist you in designing a SIP service that is uniquely tailored to your exact needs and specifications. We simply cannot support the ‘one-size-fits-all approach marketed by the typical ‘out of the box’ communications providers. We analyze every situation, and based on our findings make qualified recommendations that match your needs.

Our SIP fully utilizes converged T1, over our North America-wide private network. This will allow you to benefit from serious cost savings while leveraging your existing infrastructure. Contact Citel today to learn more about SIP Trunking benefits, unified communications, IP-PBX systems and many other great advantages that can be gained achieved by migrating to a Voice over IP platform through Citel.


Baltimore Businesses Gain Big Benefits with SIP Trunking

The services of SIP Trunking can be provided according to your business needs. SIP Trunking services can be provided through a large variety of technologies and methods which are based on the size and type of your business. You make use of the true power of our Nation-Wide and truly fiber networks all across the country when you associate with Citel. To compare with your old PRI, you’ll immediately increase the number of sessions of voice without the addition of new components. Citel’s SIP Trunking guarantees the finest service quality provided over our Private Network (VoIP) providing you unique connectivity and security.
You will stay connected even after a case of outages or traffic blockage because our SIP service has the facility of re-route and failover options. Citel helps you in reducing expenses and unify your communications by providing reliability and features.

You can have evolving scalable and flexible product solutions delivered by Citel. Every leading IP PBX system is supported by us. To select the right IP Phones, Cabling and Network Equipment for your business needs, you can trust on our experts’ team. To know about SBCs (Session Border Controllers) and why they are a must for your phone system, we are here to help you understand.


Advantages of SIP Trunking

Saving money

Broad-Connect SIP Trunking has many ways to reduce communication costs. Our SIP Trunks’ Line rental charges can help you in saving up to 45% of legacy line rental charges.

Improved Versatility

SIP Trunking improves versatility and considerably decreases provisioning times. After connecting with our Citel’s VoIP SIP Trunk, you can gain benefits from services such as BroadSoft Telephone systems.

Enhanced Teleworking

You can communicate free of cost from multiple locations with Citel SIP Trunks. And remotely located employees are connected directly to their central office via Voice over Internet Protocol Technology (VoIP).

Disaster Recovery

It gives you fast and more efficient disaster recovery with an IP network’s distributed architecture. It is more fault tolerant than fixed line and provides circuit-switched counterparts.

Economical for Local Baltimore and Long Distance Calling

For local and long distance calls, it reduces toll charges from SIP origination/termination services to the PSTN.


It expands your business communications as well as maintains business continuity which is straight-forward and easy with our range of Internet and Telephony Services. It provides additional voice channels and other services like porting your existing numbers, creating a virtual presence for your business fast and effortlessly.

Easy Management

Simple web-based management system helps us in administrating our Telephony services. This increases the flexibility and efficiency of your business operations.